(Rough Transcript) “Yeah, we’ve got a deficit alright. This state is in a situation I’ve never seen, and never thought I’d live to see. My state has almost become a Southern California in the process of where we’re standing right now.”

“Anybody that’s voted for the budget of the last several years, you’ve voted for tax increases. Every time you voted for a budget that cut the QBE funding, you voted to raise your local property taxes. When does tax increases become a vote on the budget? It’s been that way, whenever you pass unfunded mandates. Shame on you for making an issue out of this.”

“Yes, we’re in a problem… the problem has been created by everyone in the General Assembly who did not show fiscal restraint during the good times.”

“They need to correct the systemic ills of the budget process in this state. We need to scrutinize every program, every privatized contract, and find out why this state budget has increased 43% in the last seven budgets.”