Several days ago, Vice President Biden showed up at Impulse Manufacturing to announce $33 million in stimulus funds to create a broadband network in North Georgia.

Congressmen Deal and Broun were NOT in attendance, as they weren’t officially invited.

  • “Had Congressman Deal been invited to this event, he most certainly would have made every effort to attend. Unfortunately, he was not given this opportunity, and is disappointed by that fact,” says a Deal spokesperson.
  • Rep. Paul Broun, whose neighboring district will also be affected by Biden’s announcement of stimulus dollars going into broadband development, said that he had not been invited either.

Strange, as it was public knowledge several days prior. Certainly they could have made the visit without an official invite.

Also, Deal admits that Sonny Perdue’s made a call to him before the event- and the Governor himself made the trip.

More important: Deal and Broun both voted against the stimulus funds. Why would they even want to attend? So they can take a victory lap for legislation they abhor?