Sorry that I cannot give you a link, but just heard Sen. Johnny Isakson say that Reid postponed the vote to Christmas Eve so that Americans would not pay attention. (wsb tv)

I think Johnny has a big “you lied!” in his future. Reid and the democrats would have voted on this thing last week. It is the Senate republicans who have vowed to delay this vote as long as possible. By the way, their possible ended when they realized they might get bad weather late in the day tomorrow.

Also note to Sonny, Sam Olens, and the rest of the GOParanoid, you cannot challenge something’s constitutionality before it passes. Even James Mills knows that. Otherwise he would never be able to sponsor legislation.

Again sorry no links (traveling with iPhone). Maybe Gray will do a quick edit for me.

Merry Christmas!

Update: Video of which political party is truly holding up the vote.