Fetterman of the Sterling on the Lake City Council likes to shift the blame when confronted with problems like the sewer issues being debated here and other places. However Fetterman or Lutz want to slice the pie, they have to eat it because they begged to sit at the table with the adults. Elected officials don’t get to pick and choose which problems come to them. Lincoln might have said it best. “The man doesn’t make the office. The office makes the man.” Or maybe it was Lincoln that said, “What kills the skunk is the publicity he makes for himself.”

The Gainesville Times reports today that the Spring Street road repairs will most likely cost Flowery Branch $125,000. The road has a temporary repair. But Fetterman et al are begging for help. The insurance company won’t pay. The road isn’t covered. Ops.

The DOT won’t immediately pay for the repairs from it’s emergency funds, part of which come from Obama.

Flowery Branch will drain $104,000 from a surplus fund to start the repairs.

Maybe they should borrow the money from a bank, like they did for the TAD.

Hmm, a pattern of borrow and spend? A new six year tax? No insurance for all the infrastructure? No maintenance plan or inspection program for aging roads, bridges, and culverts?

But a TAD to build a hotel for tourists. A policy of sustainable development. A forward looking vision of Flowery Branch. But an attitude of “I didn’t cause that problem and I shouldn’t have to deal with it.”

We can’t wait for Fetterman and Lutz to make a public statement on how others let them down. Sort of like blaming the Georgia Democratic Party for the Glenn Richardson sex scandal.