Jeezus, will this topic never end?

Here’s the deal Fetterman and Lutz.

  • Flowery Branch needed sewer provided to the three most exclusive neighborhoods in town. These are neighborhoods that you BOTH reside in.
  • Flowery Branch cannot provide the service due to the infrastructure requirements.
  • Only one entity CAN provide service to these neighborhoods– Hall County, which Fetterman acknowledged.
  • This makes sewer rates in these neighborhoods go up. Both of you wanted to negotiate with Hall County regarding the rates required, but you had no leverage. EVERYONE, including yourselves, knew that Hall County was your only option.
  • Hall County’s rates are predictably higher, and due to political posturing and an upcoming election, you both are trying to throw the Hall County Commission under the bus.

Look, I understand the political realities involved here. If you wish to make hay over this, let’s bring it on. The majority of South Hall does not want to pay for your sewer system. They will resent the fact that your toney neighborhoods are raising sewer rates across the board. Wanna get some class warfare going on? I’m game. But just recognize that it’d take about 100 letters placed to certain influential people (including some in your neighborhood) to make people think ya’ll are both hillbillies with no business sense.

And I can afford a hundred first-class stamps.

Pound on me as you like. Call me a crazy liberal and tarnish this site. It’ll bring increased hits, which is all I really care about anyway.

But recognize this- I’m not some dewey-eyed newbie, and we can be a factor in the upcoming commission election. Not sure which of you are running, but I can figure it out soon enough.

Despite your personal feelings, I don’t have a dog in this fight. I have no desire to work against either of you if you wish to run for higher office. Make your mark where you can. You wanna take on a bigger office? Go to it, fellas.

BUT- don’t piss off people who are indifferent.