If we had an award for Corporate Responsibility, Habersham EMC has at least earned a place on the short list.

The Habersham EMC homepage does have some information for its customers on the coming changes in energy costs. Those costs are driven by a need to fight global warming or climate change.

True, we don’t know if we can change the future of our planet. But we should try.

Even as we try to preserve life, there will be costs. Most of the costs will come through increased energy costs. Cap and trade provides possible offsets to keep those costs low to the consumer while lowering the doomsday dangers of business as usual.

Habersham EMC takes a reasonable approach to the conflicts of costs. The homepage does have a linkage for people to write their elected representatives. But instead of spewing lies to motivate people. Habersham provides a reasonable framework for discussion.

Fair, affordable, and achievable. Those goals can work. And those are the goals Habersham promotes to it’s customers who want to sound off and be heard.

Well done, Habersham EMC