Another update on corporate irresponsibility.

From my email a few minutes ago:

Dear [Mr. Mad Dog]
Perhaps you’d like to read this document, . The estimates were given in testimony, rather than in the report. We stand by our web site and David’s comments.

My reply:

The value of the testimony is moot. It does not address American Clean Energy and Security (ACES) as made clear in Mr. Lee’s comments.
Mr. Lee’s and Mr. Pugh’s comments address ACES. Your emails address ACES as well.
No where in this testimony is there mention of ACES.
Again, when will the public and over due apology be made and how?

Their hot retort:

Sorry, but since cap and trade is an integral part of ACES, I really feel that you’re splitting hairs to say the testimony doesn’t apply to that legislation. I’m afraid we’ll have to agree to disagree. Good luck…

My final reply:

In my _, I will call Jackson EMC irresponsible and Mr.Lee and Mr. Pugh liars.
Please note that the CBO did a true study of ACES in June, at the very time you said Jackson EMC downloaded it’s information on ACES.
You will note the cost burden in the actual study of ACES is displayed in Table 1. Per household cost of ACES is estimated at $175 per household.

Jackson EMC was clearly given every opportunity to retract it’s false statements. Those statements are clearly false.

We need accountability and responsibility everywhere, especially in corporations like Jackson EMC.