We have little pity for Glenn Richardson who pushed himself into depression, attempted suicide, and unemployment. Pity for the family. Empathy for a human. But his actions are understandable in human terms. Some of us should not have power over other people because of our personality defects.

Defective personality and self destructive actions also describe Senator Lieberman.

In this op-ed column, Lieberman is exposed as being another K.C. Cagle. Someone not all that bright who meanders along as the candidate of character and trust. A candidate loved by common folks. Whose failures are the result of evil forces. The only evil force behind the failures of ‘character based candidates’ is their lack of competence, achievements, and stupidity.

Yes, Lieberman is stupid. He lost in the 2004 Presidential election when he was Kerry’s running mate. Not satisfied with being a losing Vice Presidential nominee, he stupidly ran for President. He must have figured that John Kerry was holding him back.

Actually, Lieberman rode the coattails of Kerry rather well. Without Kerry, he was stupid and alone.

So now the political world wonders why the once liberal Lieberman is doing what he’s doing, gutting the Democratic Party.

He’s just that stupid.