In my email this morning from Jackson EMC:

I don’t have a copy [of the documents].  We went to the CBO website back in June and pulled it up.  It’s possible that since the ACES legislation has gone through a number of markups and the Senate version is also out there that they’ve taken the report down – I’m not sure.

So Jackson EMC, Mr. David Lee, and the President and CEO, Randall Pugh can not document their allegations that ACES will be “adding $50 or more a month to the electric rates you already pay.”

They expect me to believe they just don’t have a copy of the CBO document? That the CBO changed the website and removed the report?

Talk about corporate irresponsibility!

I’ll bet there’s a huge chance utilities stock prices will fall 50% under ACES. Executives are often  compensated with stock and stock options. If ACES is passed, executive compensation could tumble like my 401(k).

There’s a powerful motive for executives to lie to the public.