Of course, I can’t get him to confirm such a rumor, but the suggestion really doesn’t surprise me.

According to the old guards, O’Neil is actually a pretty good guy.  Even democratic officials can’t say much bad about him.  Of course there is the one piece of unethical legislation that he helped pass.

Outside of the land deal and his cozy relationship with the Governor, O’Neil might make a good speaker.

But that is the problem with O’Neil.  He always seems to be on the winning side.  Now some would just call that luck, but I have never known anyone who actually stood on principle and not face a losing battle once in awhile.

If you had a chance to read O’Neil’s letter (you can find it at Peach Pundit), it reads like a, “Why do they always pick on me?” Charlie Brown cartoon.  Besides the inaccuracies and his creation of the term “immaculate amendment”, the letter is long on length and short on facts.

So why is Mills (aka Linus) backing him?  Simple, Mills likes to win and he has always been that way.  Oh yeah sure, he spent 10 years in the minority whining about spending and taxes and abortion, but in the last seven years what has he done about spending, taxes, or abortion.  Nope, he is a “win at all cost” politician.

Yep, Mills and O’Neil a perfect pair and business as usual at the Gold Dome…