I’ve questioned the figures given to the public at the Eggs and Issues breakfast by Mr. David Lee of Jackson EMC. Mr. Lee was saying EMC customers would pay $1,600 more under the current cap and trade proposals. I wrote, called, and emailed asking for a source on these numbers.

Kindly, Jackson EMC has answered my email request for a source. [This link goes to Jackson EMC’s official statement]

I’ve checked the alleged source of the Congressional Budget Office (CBO). And I’ve checked with the Environmental Protection Agency. Both of these fine sources have public reports on the American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009 (ACES) an an energy bill in the 111th United States Congress (H.R.2454).

The email response referred to this specific bill. The CBO study can be found here. It estimates, in Table 1, a cost per household of $175.

I could not find a figure near enough to let Mr. Lee off the hook for “spin.” Nor does the extra information from Jackson EMC support his use of the word “bill.” That would be as in “any of my bills.”

Jackson EMC and Mr. Lee have some explaining to do and they are on notice.