Back to the Eggs and Issues Breakfast.

Before we heard from our GOP delegation, David Lee from Jackson EMC spoke. He educated listeners on the blessings from God that refilled Lake Lanier, courtesy of our prayers. He didn’t ask us to pray for less rain. Nor did he explain why God didn’t hear our prayers until the lake was 22 feet below pool stage.

God lives in the EMC and in Mr. Lee. There’s no need for anyone to understand Global Warming or try to prevent it. If God can provide rain on demand, certainly God can keep the earth clean no matter what humans do.

Humans, the wrong kind, the Democrats in Washington, are raising electricity bills $1,600 for every EMC member. Jackson EMC and Mr. Lee are very worried about their members.

Members should be very concerned about what is going on in Washington. Washington is creating a cap and trade bill. Cap and trade must be very bad if its going to raise our bills $1,600.

I’ve asked for the proof of this $1,600 in writing, via email, and by phone. I should have prayed on it instead. (Eventual response posted in comments)

Lt. Gov. Cagle, also known by his baby name, Casey, spoke next. Casey thinks our GDP product is only 13 trillion. It’s not much more than that but it is more. Maybe I misunderstood his mumbling manner. Casey was trying to compare the national debt to GDP. The debt is a huge problem in Georgia especially since the government is borrowing that money to bail out K.C. Cagle’s bank. But bankers like Cagle aren’t the only ones getting borrowed money. But Cagle felt no gratitude for the hand that feeds him.

His gracious thoughts extended to Lake Lanier, built by the hated Federal Government. Cagle thinks the lake and the water belongs to Georgia. This Georgia resource is under attack from Florida and Alabama. They want the water for economic advantage. Clearly Georgia has had the economic advantage of having a lake dumped into our laps. If Cagle wants control, let him buy it back from the Feds.

Since Cagle can’t wring the money out of the state budget to buy the lake, he thinks we should keep more water in it. He mumbled something about how or when the lake was built. Then some number, I think it was 1039. It seems the lake has been at or above pool stage 1039 days since it was built. Cagle and others, want to raise the pool stage from 1071 feet above sea level to 1073 feet above sea level. Then rebuild any bridges that are threatened by the new lake.

Cagle didn’t stay to answer my written question about the other 20,000 days when the lake was less than full. It’s safe to assume there wasn’t enough water. And that I’ll never get a response from Cagle.

Reprehensive James Mills refused to stand for his statement. Maybe he split his juice in his lap. Mills found a special pride that Georgia is 50th in state revenues and that we’ve cut 6 billion dollars from the budget. He didn’t see any connection to lost teaching jobs, a credit crisis, or the state banking crisis.

Our state is the largest state east of the Mississippi but our population is only one for every thirty Americans.. Yet our state banks failures are one in six of all bank failures in the United States. Mills, a member of the banking committee blames, SURPRISE, the Federal Government. The FDIC costs too much, especially for banking insurance.  Banks should not be under such undue pressure according to Mr. Mills. Mr. Mills says banks aren’t losing money. And he didn’t mention how the Federal Government is bailing out banks, even in Georgia. But banks aren’t really losing money. It’s just paper losses. And those are “theoretical losses” imposed by the government.

Mills wants some of that theoretical money refunded to him. Seems he’s had a theoretical decline in the value of his house. As a result, his real world property tax bill is too high. He wants that theoretical refund in gold Kuggerands, I’d guess.

All in all, our GOP leaders have a solution to all our problems. We are going to reassert our sovereignty. Again. Shades of gray and Robert E. Lee. Our state leaders are just going to ignore the Federal government. The Federal Government is the cause of our current problems, including dry lakes, drought, bank foreclosures, high property taxes, and the doctor shortage. Nothing good has ever come from Washington to Georgia.

I almost forgot about the GOP solution to Georgia’s doctor shortage. The State is going to issue an unfunded mandate for Medical Residents to work for free evenings and weekends in clinics. Like that will solve the doctor shortage. Does anyone of these idiots know how many hours a medical resident works per week? Not only do residents work too many hours, many of them already work for free in VA clinics as a part of their residency program. No med school graduate will accept a Georgia Residency program if the mandate gets passed. That idea was the only one to get applause from the audience. Free medical care from overworked and underpaid student doctors.

That covers most of the issues over eggs. The breakfast was very nice and the GHCC handled things very well. It says something good about our community that so many people paid $22 for a civic event. Too bad they were only served Eggs and Idiots.