Hall County’s real estate market may not be booming. It might never boom again. Well, even a pounding hammer sound would be sweet.

But consider Gwinnett. It’s still labeled a declining market. That hurts. The county had 23,193 foreclosure notices mailed in the past 11 months. Only Fulton County had more, 24,609. Link

Fulton County has about 25 percent more people than Gwinnett.

The 13 counties in the Metro Area had 117,107 foreclosures this year. That’s getting close to the population of Hall County. But it’s more than twice all the houses in our county, 51,046. Dawson County has 7,163 houses. White County has 9,454. Habersham has 14,634. Towns has 6,282. Rabun County has 10,210 but only 15,000 people, kind of odd. Jackson County has 16,226 housing units. Lumpkin has 8,263.

Try to imagine every homeowner in Lumpkin, Jackson, Rabun, Towns, Habersham, White, Dawson, and Hall County being evicted last year.

When we see those bell ringers in front of Wal-Mart, let’s empty our pockets, if we have it to give.