Councilman Fetterman responds in the comments where we took him to task over his role in sewer rates in Flowery Branch. His full explanation is reprinted below, my comments are in Bold Red.

Oh where do I begin?

I guess I will start with your first statement on your blog that you are misinformed on,

“The residents in these communities (Sterling on the Lake, Village at Deaton Creek and Reunion) are the ONLY ones on the new South Hall system. This increase would only affect these residents. Simply put, these folks have to pay for the increased infrastructure that benefits them- and them alone”.

So I guess that will be all that the Hall County sewer system will support and there will not be any other business or homes put on the system and the $46 million plus Hall County paid for the plant and putting infrastructure in the ground, along side the Braselton system that flows in opposite direction I might add, makes sense to you. $46 million / 1800 homes is – well you are so smart figure out the debt per home on that.

Fetterman’s argument is that since these homes can’t pay ALL of the debt service, they shouldn’t pay ANY of it.

The second ignorant quote, and I take this personal, is,

“Why don’t you move your neighborhoods to the Flowery Branch system and the problem would be solved”?

Well you stepped into it. If your lazy butt would research instead of open your mouth and spill out lies, here are the facts:

·           Per HB 489, it did belong to Flowery Branch, prior to the Flowery Branch December10, 2008 council meeting, when the majority of our soon to be former majority, gave away Sterling on the Lake from the Flowery Branch sewer district to Hall County – well that answers your above question.

Fetterman acknowledges in the Flowery Branch Minutes (his own link below) that Flowery Branch can’t service these neighborhoods- only Hall County can. This was hardly a giveaway- it was governing. Governing is tough, man. Try it sometime.

But there is more:

·           Page 1 – the Mayor requests the Spout Springs Reclamation Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA) be removed and two council members object.

·           Pages 2 – 5 myself and Councilman Lutz debate with the majority of the council, during the meeting to keep Sterling on th Lake in our district.

·           Pages 8 – 10 there are several motions to postpone the vote and more pleas to the majority of the council to protect the citizens of Flowery Branch who live in Sterling on the Lake as well as all in South Hall County.

Fetterman, care to tell us what neighborhood you and Lutz live in? Because that might be relevant to the discussion.

Well I guess as usual you kind of feel – well – STUPID. You have made comments without the facts. I cannot understand how you have a blog that you are unable to tell the truth with.

One can only assume you are a fan of socialized medicine, higher taxes, ending the War on Terror without victory, and “press 2 for spanish”.

Sir, I can only say you are not even in my class for debate. I would love to meet you on The Martha Zeller show and debate whatever you would like, but as you are with your blog, you would not show your true identity.

As I tell all my friends and constituates, I am here to serve you and I will not hold back what I have to say and if you vote me out when I run again, I will leave quitely. Well, thus far it appears they like me and if for your information, I am up for reelection in 2 years. That gives you time to prepare. Not interested in working toward your defeat, Councilman…yet. You’ve got two years to convince me though, and continuing to call me a liar might just do it.

One last thing. If I start using Latin – you are in big trouble. Is that close enough to Spanish?

I guees your site will not allow others to put links, but here is the link to the December 10, 2008 meeting where Councilman Lutz and myself tried to prevent Hall County from taking over part of Flowery Branch.s sewer district.