Hall County School Systems will adopt a hybrid seven period schedule for the High School program next year.  Some think this new schedule will improve student achievement, reduce the dropout rate, and put Hall County Schools on a positive track for the future. 

Nope, that is my opinion.  Unfortunately, the BOE and the Superintendent believe that this program will save between 2.5 to 3 million dollars and eliminate 35 teaching positions. 

What a sad day when something as simple as the class period schedule is used not to improve student achievement, but simply to keep the system in the black. 

Of course you can’t really fault the school board on this one.  With increasing cuts to education, furlough days, and a state legislature that has shown a contempt for public education, the school board must do whatever they can to save funds. 

There is a strong rumor that state employees could face an additional seven furlough days come January, and with our state revenue’s continuing to drop the education budget is sure to be hit again. 

What most Georgians have never heard is that though education funds were increased in this year’s budget, it was only due to the stimulus money.  300 million dollars was supplanted from the stimulus money; meaning that the state once again fail to fully fund education.  By the way, that money runs out next year and there doesn’t seem to be anymore coming. 

Will the education budget get a 300 million dollar cut come January? :  Probably. 

Oh and my favorite quote from the article, when Schofield was asked about facing additional teacher furloughs he said,

If we stick our head out the window and there’s a [snow] flurry, then we’re calling it as a snow day.

Now that is leadership!