“If you’re an engineer, you don’t want to outlaw the great technology you’ve been working on. If you’re a marketing person, you don’t want to outlaw the thing you’ve been trying to sell. If you’re a C.E.O., you don’t want to outlaw the thing that’s been making a lot of money.”
BOB LUCKY, an executive director at Bell Labs from 1982-92.

How about that Bob Lucky? Great name. Great analysis of why things don’t work in private business.

Everyone has an agenda to promote and in the ‘mart of competitive commerce,’ winning is everything, even inside the corporate back rooms. The failed market theory that produced our current world crisis was based on enlightened self interest by ‘businesses.’ We have seen how well that worked out and Mr. Lucky confirms it.

We can move this topic of personal agenda  over prudent behavior to politics.

The winner of an election should have an enlightened self interest to honor his campaign promises and serve the greater good. However, the winner starts campaigning the day after the election with new promises and the old mantras. Mantras like I’m anti-abortion.

In the 37 years since Roe v. Wade became law, nothing has changed. That includes the mantra from the GOP. “I’m anti-abortion.” Out of the 37 years since Roe, we’ve had twenty eight years of Republican Presidents. Republicans had a lock on Congress for 12 years. And a lock on the Presidency and Congress for 10 years. And control of the Senate and the White House for six years.

But as Lucky said, politicians has no reason to outlaw the issues that wins elections.

GOP voters should feel like doormats. Nothing has been done on abortion by the GOP. The only thing the GOP will ever do is say to voters during the election cycle, “I’m anti-abortion.”