Cagle, Mills, and Rogers never heard a rumor that Glenn Richardson was unethical?

When Richardson was challenged for power, did they ask why?

When an ethics complaint was filed against Richardson, did they ask why?

When Richardson got his divorce and the rumors crashed like a tsunami about an long term affair with a paid lobbyist, did they ask why?

They all say no. Or refused to answer questions. Link

Mills said the personal life was more important than the consequences of the Speakers abuses. “‘It was the best thing for him to do to get his life back together.'” So Representative Mills thought the resignation was from a health issue.

“It’s a situation that, you know, some marriages unfortunately end up in,’” Rogers said. Oh so Rogers blames the ex-wife? To him this is a ‘he said she said’ situation between a wife and a husband? “Maybe we can move on and none of that will resurface again,’ Rogers said.”

What won’t resurface, Representative Carl Rogers? Evidence that your beloved Glenn Richardson engaged in terrorist threats against his ex-wife? Sold his votes for sex? Tried to make a media event out of his self induced depression?

No one thinks Richardson slipped just once while in power. Unethical behavior is a personality trait. A trait Richardson has demonstrated for years.

So now Mills, Rogers, and Cagle live in denial. Or did they see no evil, hear no evil, and choose not to ask about evil in the GOP?