We’ve been calling for the Speaker of the House, Glenn Richardson, to be investigated for his corruption. That included filing an complaint with the State Ethics Committee. That complaint was filed while the Speaker was screwing taxpayers and a AGL lobbyist.

AGL wanted a pipeline laid. The Speaker got laid. The pipeline almost got laid. The Speaker got the pipe pushed through the House. The Senate stopped the pipe. Seems the $400 million dollar projected duplicated existing pipelines. And those existing pipelines were not fully utilized. So the Speaker couldn’t bully the Senate into laying some empty pipe.

We have to note. The taxpayer would have been billed for the pipe. But, the homeowners would have also been billed for the ‘capital investment’ by the utility company.

Now that the Speaker went public with his depression issues, his ex-wife went public with details of the affair and some other interesting abuses of power. Abuses that are more than criminal. Immoral.

And the GOP, including Cagle, Mills, and Rogers don’t want Glenn Richardson to resign from the legislature. Nope.

Maybe the Speaker should step down. As Speaker. But not one of our spineless members of the GOP are calling for the Speaker to leave politics.

Glenn Richardson has abused the power of elected political office. Strip him of elected political office.

Unless our Three Stooges think it’s okay for a Representative to be immoral and criminal.

Yeah, that’s the ticket. Members of the House should not be held to the same standards as the Speaker of the House.

Get a grip fellows. Is it alright if a member of the House does what Glenn Richardson has done and is still doing?

Your silence says Yes.