President Ronald Reagan was a nice old man, in public. His legacy is larger than life. But his economic performance can not be disputed. He left the average American behind. And here’s an income chart that shows the truth.

The bottom 60% saw no income growth while the top 1% saw income nearly double.

Plenty of people still say the Gipper saved our country with tax cuts. No reasonable person can look at this chart, assembled from public information on income, and say that the average person saw their income grow as fast as the economy. Or as fast as the richest 1%.

The poor got poorer. The rich got richer. And Reagan got to play a hero, again.

While we’re looking at charts, here’s how the federal debt changed from 1979 to 1989.

Reagan cut taxes, borrowed money, and increased debt 270%

People should look at 1979 as being a good year, before Reagan. And at 1989 as a good year, after Reagan. Which year was better for the 60% of us who are average working class taxpayers?