Many candidates, their campaign staff, and their families can take one deep breath when the polls close tonight. That’s all they will get before watching returns.

Anyone who hasn’t been in a campaign should get into the next election cycle just to experience a night of election returns. Most candidates lose. Often several candidates run for the same office but eventually only one gets elected. The lucky winner might envy the losers. And the losers might be quietly relieved. It can be very hard to tell. Someone ask Barack Obama in 3 more years. Or George W. Bush now.

I do wish good things for all the staffers and supporters of every candidate. Go home tonight with your heads held very, very high. I respect the worst supporter, even the sign stealer. Well, many not the sign stealing supporters. But everyone that does some real work during the election, including poll workers, is doing something wonderful, even if tomorrow morning their candidate or their cause is labeled a loser.