Recently Glenn Richardson tried to take his life and failed. No one wishes suicide onto a person or a family. But Richardson long ago committed political suicide by cheating on his wife. His ex-wife has now confirmed the affair. She documented the affair by supplying emails between her husband and his lover. His lover just happened to be a female lobbyist with Atlanta Gas Light. The Democratic Party of Georgia had filed an ethics complaint against the Speaker during the sexual liason claiming the Speaker was also screwing taxpayers. The Republican dominated State Ethics Commission dumped water on that right away. No surprise.

The taxpayer barely missed out on buying $300 million dollars worth of Atlanta Gas Light pork.

Now we know the Speaker lied to us and to his wife. The GOP has been keeping this morally dead pig on life support. Cut the cord. And just quit screwing around about it. He’s dead.

And if he keeps threatening to use the Georgia State Patrol to hunt down his ex-wife, maybe there’s a ‘public option’ on the table.