In a Friday November 6th post, The Big Man blamed ‘Dimocrats’ for the actions of the Gainesville School Board. What an idiot! No wonder the GOP finally booted the Big Pair out of the Masters Chair.

The Gainesville School Board was reviewing some financial options. Among these, repairing the existing Fair Street School or rebuilding it. For some reason, E. Paul thinks the school is being renamed! And E. Stanley thinks some Democrats are behind this secret name change.

Some body kick the man in his big pair. The header for the school’s home page says, “Fair Street IB World School.”  As a Georgia Charter school, it would be more accurate to say the GOP created it. And if we can believe it, the school board isn’t elected in a partisan election. Plus, if one believes E. Paul, the GOP runs this county with greater GOP membership and control than even Gwinnett County.

So Dear Little Paul, if you don’t like the name, blame the GOP.

And Paul, the School Board does not have the $14 million to  build a new school from a 1 cent SPLOST. If you had been at the meeting, you’d know the Board has about $1.4 million to repair four leaking roofs and the electrical problems at Fair Street. Those other schools are Centennial, Enota ,Wood’s Mill and the old gym at Gainesville High School. That $1.4 million won’t pay for the total of the needed repairs. The total bill is estimated at $3.1 million. That’s for Fair Street and the others.

I personally don’t like the idea of students taking classes in a building with a leaky roof and electrical problems. Just like I don’t like a former GOP County Chair who can’t read a news article or do math.

You’re a newly single man, get a Date or a Porn video to handle your frustrations Mr. Stanley.