Another day. Another nut in the Times.

Hardly a day goes by without someone compaing themselves to ACORN. “If you don’t support the Obama plan, you’re un-American, a hostile, astroturf, for-hire mob, but we’re pussycats compared to Code Pink, ACORN and unions.”

Pussycats comparied the many bogeymen like Acorn and Unions! OMG! ACORN can’t seem to do anything right. Hard to fear the incompetent. Unions have done nothing but raise wages and benefits for Americans by setting higher standards. I’m sure the Jane Browders of Gainesville don’t remember child labor. Mary Phagan should be remembered by every Georgian. Or maybe the rape and murder of a 13 year factory worker doesn’t matter to proper Southern Ladies.

Georgia rejected protecting children from ‘slave labor’ in 1925. Technically, Georgia still opposes a Constitutional Admendent banning child labor. See Coleman v. Miller.

How long did Unions work to eliminate kids from the factory floor? Since at least 1836. How evil of unions to want children to attend school! It took 102 years of union activism to stop companies from hiring kids. (link)

What did it take for Georgia to comply with the new laws? A trip to the Supreme Court in 1941! So as recently as 1941,

If not for unions, Jane might have been a working girl in a pencil factory. Like Mary Phagan.

Jane also calls the $787 billion stimulus bill a job stimulus bill.

This is not job stimulus you can believe in. But now we have to ask: where is the money? Is it going to a Democrat slush fund or just highway signs telling us that our stimulus money is working?

There’s be plenty of jobs for kids if not for those Unions, eh Jane?

“It’s ironic that when speaking of the Afghan war and troop buildup, he said how bankrupt we are. All he has to do is look in a mirror to see who did that.

No, Jane. It’s ironic that you don’t look in the mirror. Republican Presidents like Bush handed Obama a $10 trillion debt.

Did you really expect Obama to pay all that off in one year?