November 11, 2009.  A day that shall live in anonymity.

Some of us have noticed a little less pressure in the air as of late.  This is because of the removal of Martha Zoller from WDUN.  Martha is gone and has been replaced by the one, the only Al Gainey.

IMHO, Martha’s removal is a good thing.  This woman could tell more lies than Sean Hannity at a tea bagger rally.  And before you spam the comment thread with she wasn’t remove, she went to a bigger station with more money, the truth is she went to a station with a smaller Gainesville listening audience than WDUN.  So maybe this will limit her vile offensive statements from entering the ear canals of the fragile local population.

You may ask, “Why was Left on Lanier so late to provide coverage of the great giant’s fall from local popularity?”  The truth is Martha didn’t cover local politics, so we didn’t cover her.  Time will tell if her replacement will be any different.

Al Gainey is somewhat more respectable than Zoller, but on his Friday editions he was simply a one trick pony.  Mr. Gainey is so obsessed with the abortion issue, that he fails to cover any relative policy or election matters in local politics. Now that he is full time, we here at Left hope that he and WDUN truly goes back to its ability to cover local politics.

The bigger question is, “Will WDUN ever offer a balance approach so that the truth of Hall County politics can be heard?”