Not sure why this would be news, but the Lilburn City Council voted not to rezone part of Lawrenceville/Suwanee  road so that a mosque could be built.

Council persons say this was a traffic issue and not a religious one. 

The motion Dunn read listed several reasons against the plans. For example, Dunn said that granting the congregation’s request would constitute spot zoning; the agricultural zoning required for the cemetery would be regressive since that parcel is now zoned residential; zoning for a cemetery can never be reversed once a cemetery is established; storm water drainage in the residential neighborhood would be worse because of the parking lot and new buildings where woods are now; and the proposed complex would cause traffic, safety and noise issues.

Of course none of those reasons were verified with any proof that it would be harmful to the citizens of Lilburn.    The idea that it is spot zoning is true, but since it will be for a church where would the harm be.   As to the cemetery, again it is a true statement, but most cemetery plots are sold to individuals who bury their dead on the land and would never want to sell the parcel.  You got to love the storm water drainage complaint.  A year ago this argument would not hold water (pun intended).  And traffic and noise at a church, give me a break.  How many Muslims does Lilburn have?   

This situation is a lose/lose.  The owners now have a piece of property that can’t fulfill their needs, and the city council of Lilburn look like zenophobes to everyone outside of the Bible belt. 

Still waiting for the liberal blogger who says, “If this were a Southern Baptist church it would not have been a problem.”  And when he/she says this, it would be a correct statement. 

In a related story, there is a rumor that someone will present legislation to change the “Welcome to Georgia” signs at the border to say:  “Baptist Welcome to Georgia, Everyone Else Get the Hell Out”