The Gainesville Times provides a forum for any GOP wacko with a word processor but rejects left wing bloggers. Not only are left leaning bloggers blocked from sharing information, as our ‘staff’ has noted, national news stories about racism and our 9th District Congressman aren’t printed in the Times.

Today the Times printed another wacko Letter to the Editor. WT “Ted” Hines wrote a warm and wonderful attack on Global Warming. Global Warming has some sort of connection with God as Hines mentions Him and Christ six times, including twice in his conclusions. Hardly a record for a 400 word essay but very weird for a letter on paleoclimatology. Ted Hines added a web link to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, NOAA. The link doesn’t work perhaps the Times made an error. Errors happen a lot with the Times and their favored point of view.

The link should have gone to a picture. Pictures are nice. We all like pictures. But pictures aren’t data. And the data, according to NOAA is very clear.

Multiple paleoclimatic studies indicate that recent years, the 1990s, and the 20th century are all the warmest, on a global basis, of at least the last 1000 years. The most recent paleoclimate data reinforce this conclusion using longer records, new proxies, new statistical techniques, and a broader geographic distribution of paleo data.

We wonder why Ted and the Times choose to use a picture instead of the conclusions of NOAA on global warming. Global warming comes from “either liars or [the] ignorant” who will attack global warming opponents as “radical religious right-wingers.”

Yeah. So what should a rational person do after reading the Times and Hines? “Pray and work for God’s ways to be taught and learned all over the earth

Our thanks to the Times and Mr. Hines for providing the non-religious rebuttal of global warming.