James Mills on October 7th in response to rising property taxes:

“The issue is everybody has got to cut, because we are all going through difficult times,” he said. “The calls I’m getting is … ‘why is my property being assessed at the same value as it was last year, because it certainly is not the same value.’”

James Mills on November 11th in response to the Banking Crisis:

(Mills) says Georgia’s banks are failing because federal regulators are putting undue pressure on local banks to balance their books.

“When a federal regulator comes and says this piece of property that was worth $1 million last year is now only work $500,000. So what do they do?…They turn to the small business man who has a loan out there and say, ‘OK, your payments can be the same, but we need $200,000 more dollars from you for our loan-asset ratio to work out because the value of your property has dropped.’”

Representative Mills has presided over the worst banking meltdown in the entire country, and whether it’s appropriate for government to reassess property values depends entirely on what particular topic he’s speaking about.