We were standing around the ‘office water cooler’ several days ago when our most Conservative co-worker came in to work. She was raging mad again after getting an email. The email was about a white boy doused with gasoline and burned by 4 illegal aliens. Her outrage centered on how the ‘mainstream media’ didn’t report the story. “If that had been a black kid (she didn’t say black), the entire world would be screaming “Hate Crimes!”

Being good human beings, we shared her outrage. Agreed with her reasons for being in such an emotional state. And then began searching for the news story, if there was one.

The ‘white boy’s’ name is Michael Brewer. Five of his ‘classmates’ poured rubbing alcohol on Michael and then set him on fire.

Four of the boys, Denver Jarvis, 15,  Jeremy Jarvis, 13, Matthew  Bent,    Steven Shelton, 15, have ‘white sounding’ names. Jesus Mendez, 15, has one of those ‘illegal alien’ sounding names.

Mendez has been charged with second-degree attempted murder, while the others were charged with aggravated battery.

So much for the ‘illegal aliens’ getting away with ‘murder’ as my co-worker screamed that morning. 

There was a very good reason she had never seen a ‘mainstream media’ story about 4 ‘illegal aliens’ dousing a ‘white boy’ with gasoline. It never happened.

It only happened in the ‘real media’ of Conservative story telling.