Handy map from CNN that illustrates the Georgia Banking Devastation™.

It neatly illustrates that Georgia tied for the most bank failures in 2008 and is leading all states in 2009. Why is this important?

  • This blog has mentioned this fact repeatedly over the past 12 months and no local media has picked up on the story.
  • The Chairman of the Banks and Banking Committee is a long-time state legislator that lives roughly five miles from the HQ of both the Gainesville Times and Access North Ga.
  • Not one of these media outlets has asked Rep. Mills for an explanation.

There is no easier nor more obvious story. The local paper should ask the local legislator in charge of local banks why the local banks are failing at a larger rate than any other state in the nation.

Yet, the question…remains…unanswered.

But there’s still insightful articles regarding Lula residents complaining about street lights so maybe there are more important stories to report upon.