Glenn Richardson is the GOP Speaker of the House for the Georgia Legislature. He’s rather infamous for his sexual liaisons with a certain blonde lobbyist. His public affair led to a divorce. That’s no big surprise for a perennial family values candidate. Then the divorce was illegally sealed from public review. And a former law partner of Richardson personally handled the divorce case. As if that wasn’t enough ethical corruption, the case wasn’t assigned to Richardson’s friend.

So now the Gainesville Times has a story on the 911 call made by Richardson’s mother on November 8th. Richardson or his staff drafted a press release. In the press statement, Richardson confessed to having depression and getting medical treatment.

While I pity the man, who’s to blame? He wasn’t recalled to active duty in his guard or reserve unit and shipped to Afghanistan or Iraq. The man destroyed his life just for a little sex. Did he expect to get away with f–cking around with another woman, especially a woman paid to influence law makers?

Does he now remember supporting the wacko Nancy Schaefer? Nancy the Nut got campaign donations from him. She doesn’t believe in mental illness. Her reasoning? Mental illness doesn’t show up on an X-ray! Does he regret the harm his party caused thousands by supporting the Scientologist Schaefer?

Does his Party care? No. His GOP cronies re-elected Richardson as Speaker when reasonable leaders challenged Richardson.

So how about it Representative Mills and Rogers. Willing to go on the record to defend putting Nancy Schaefer in the Legislature with GOP money? Willing to go on the record about your support of sex for pay also called “aggressive issue negotiation?”

Your entire party is filled with scum. Your judgment of personal character sucks. Your silence convicts you of guilt by association.

Richardson should resign. Not because of his mental illness but because of the road he took that could have only self destruction as the destination.