Today’s hot Sara Palin story doesn’t really involve President Jimmy Carter or the lust in his heart. Nope.

It’s about the lust Sara Palin feels towards another politician. A politician who flew south to get a little loving from a Latino lady, Mark Sanford. Sanford, current Governor of South Carolina. Palin thinks the Governor is a hottie! Seems she likes it when he talks dirty in “Mexican.” Well, at least when he was calling her, “Mi amor desde el sur.”

What amazes me is that Palin wasn’t outraged that a married man was wooing her. Bet she got pissed when she found out Mark was seeing another ‘amor’ in Argentina!

Yeah, that’s the guy, Mark Sanford, the Governor who went missing for a week. The GOP even had his good looking face on milk cartoons. Right up until he came back home to have a press conference with his wife.

“Hey,” he said. “I’m alright. Nothing to worry about. I was just having wild sex with a woman not my wife. I’m back now and ready to date Sara Palin!”

Ah, that Sara Palin with all her international political experience. She knew that “Mi amor desde el sur” was Mexican for ‘my love in South Alaska.’

Palin says that “For Mark’s sake,” she keeping the rest of the details “under my pillow for quite a while.”

Take that, Joe Sixpack!

Link to Palin’s story.