Is your commute to work taking too long? Buy a nice bright red helicopter.

Think I’m joking? The Hall County Commission okay’d a private citizen to construct a helicopter landing pad at his Lake Lanier home. The back story is just a little more ridiculous. Seems a certain doctor bought a huge freaken piece of land on Lake Lanier. That lake property used to be the Athletic Club so the rumors go. Not quite happy with having his ‘primary residence’ on Lake Lanier and his medical practice in Roswell, the doctor hired an attorney to plead his hardship to the Hall County Commissioners.

It was broadcast on the government channel. The poor doctor just had too far to commute. And no really good roads. And a license to fly a helicopter. But no where to land it at his new mansion on Lanier.

“So pretty, pretty please let me fly a helicopter to work and home?”

So yes there is a private airport just off of Gaines Ferry and McEver. All for a doctor.

Just that if the doctor didn’t want such a long commute, why did he buy the old Athletic Club and spend MILLIONS converting it to his personal palace?

Well, I guess he needed a way to write off his helicopter on his taxes.

So thank you County Commissioners for doing something for us all.

But next time guys, don’t give one person a favor that  you can’t do for everyone, like shorten our daily work commute.