“Is life so sweet or peace so dear as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery?

“Forbid it Almighty God!

“As for me, Give me Liberty or Give Me Death!”

We all learned that in grammar school. Especially or maybe only the Give me Liberty or Give Me Death portion. We never visit the question that he answered anymore. Not directly in open discussion. In our society or the smaller community of Gainesville and Hall County, it might be a death sentence to suggest human nature prefers tyranny with its enforced quiet and simple duties over the dilemmas and chaos of democracy.

That however is the debate in politics. Humans can’t quite decide on just one or the other. Some want pastoral peace and a simple life. To those, who it is that rules and lives in the distant ‘castle’ doesn’t matter. What of those who want to live in an embrace of the human condition? Rigid rules would beat them down into dust. They would face no dilemmas. They could never gaze upon choas and wonder about the randomness of life. The freewill innate in liberty would wither and die for those wanting real freedoms.

Life in tyranny has rules and forms without allowable deviation. Conformity not individualism is the mantra.

We can see tyranny as wrong for our way of life but we don’t see its opposite as chaos and danger.

Sadly, our national political dialog isn’t seen as clearly as  Henry’s two choices.  Henry saw peace in his time as the road to subservience and the road to liberty as leading to the doorstep of Death and beyond.

We don’t see our two parties as tyranny and liberty. If only we did. The choice would be so easy on election day.

A life of corporate enforced morality and quiet versus human dilemmas and Natures chaos.