Just saw this in the Gainesville Times:

In recent years, a large group of Americans became known as “The Greatest Generation.” They were the ones that lived and suffered through the waning years of the 1930s and the Great Depression. They are the ones that fought, supported and won the war of all wars, World War II. They are the ones that went on to make the U.S., until this past year, the greatest nation in the world. It’s no wonder they were called “The Greatest Generation.”

Well, they are about to receive their reward. The U.S. is about to pass laws that will be known as the Health Care Program. In this system “The Greatest Generation” will be sentenced to death through what will be called a rationing of the health care provisions.

It’s hard to believe this could be in the United States of America.

No sir what is hard to beleive is that you can write, but can’t read.  You can either like what the House did to healthcare or you can hate what the House did to health care, but lying about it is unAmerican.

I love America!