Conservatives have too much money to spend. So they spend it complaining about how they have no money. All their money goes to taxes.

A good example of this exercise in irony is the traveling tea party that rolled into and out of Atlanta this week. The story in the AJC includes some great irony. The Tea Party was timed and carefully orchestrated to be a PR event. At the PR event, some infamous state legislators were going to speak to the conservative throngs. Or at least the ones with enough money to protest being taxed into poverty.

The irony? They forgot to bring a podium. A national tour to demonstrate that our government is incompetent leaves home without a podium? And hasn’t fixed that little problem after weeks on the road? Well, God bless them.

Ya know … the first Tea Party was original. Costumes were mandatory and kind of fun, I’d guess. The penalty for getting caught without an invite was death by hanging.

I guess I’m trying to say that one of these tea parties is a PR event soon forgotten. The other was at least a symbolic act of rebellion, worth remembering. If only remembered as a part of a much larger struggle. A struggle with the goal of Freedom.