First of all, I am not a proponent of Nationalized Healthcare, the public option, or any other healthcare mandate, but I also cannot stand to listen to hypocrisy and misinformation like that of Nathan Deal’s ilk.

 So Mr. Deal you got questions, I got answers.

 Here is Mr. Deal’s objection to the healthcare bill passed Saturday: (My answers or comments are in red.)

 The following is the text of the Gainesville Republican’s remarks from the House floor during Saturday’s debate:

“I rise in opposition to this bill and I express three major concern.

“First of all, I raise a question. The question is, what authority in the United States Constitution gives this Congress the right to mandate that every citizen must purchase a health insurance policy, and upon failing to do so shall be fined and possibly imprisoned? (sic) I think the answer to that question is – there is no such constitutional authority.

Nope the answer to that question is the Commerce Clause of the United States Constitution.  If that clause did not exist, States could not require that motorist maintain auto-insurance.  We also could not enforce truancy laws, not could we protect children from unsafe parents.  Police officer could not stop someone for reckless driving or not wearing their seat belt.  The Government has the right to protect us from others and trust me not carrying healthcare when it is affordably available is dangerous to our whole society. 

Secondly, make NO mistake about it. Illegal Aliens will receive government funded healthcare under this bill because all they are required to show is a Social Security number and a name. There is no way to prevent the same Social Security number from being used by numerous individuals, and there is no requirement that a picture ID be produced in order to prove that the person is in fact the name which appears on the Social Security card. If you think identity theft is a problem now, just wait until this bill passes!

So let me get this straight, you and the GOP paranoid objections to this bill is that it allows illegals to get health insurance illegally.  This is just amazing to me.  It isn’t enough to have legislation that says “No persons residing in this country illegally may benefit from this option.”  Now we actually have to make everyone produce a birth certificate every time they need an aspirin. 

His answers to this is  Deal’s Birthright Citizenship bill.  Or IMHO, “The Let’s Make America So Unattractive That No One Wants to Live Here and This Will Stop Illegal Immigration Bill.” 

Actually there is a way to prevent this kind of fraud; it is called a National I.D. card.  Mr. Deal you have served in the House for how long?  A national I.D. card would stop all of the conspiracy theorist that you and the birthers are stirring up, and it would put an end to Rep. James Mills’ (I hate Mexicans) legislation. 

And thirdly, this bill requires states to increase their Medicaid roles to 150% of the federal poverty level. In an ever increasing fashion, states will have to absorb the cost of this burden. I offered an amendment that would have allowed states to opt out from under this mandate, but it has been rejected. In states like mine where we have to balance our budget right now school teachers and law enforcement officers are having to take unfunded furlough days. If this bill passes it will get even worse. We should not be passing a bill that takes days and money out of the paychecks of teachers and law enforcement officers to pay for this piece of legislation.”

States like yours (and mine) can’t balance their budgets because they have no idea how to run Government.  Georgia has created its own mess after 8 years of republican control.  Neither the economy nor the federal government has created any of these hardships.  Our Georgia republicans are simply spendaholics.  You cannot tax and shift and spend your way out of a revenue crisis.   This is something that Mr. Deal had better realize before he gets too far into the gubernatorial primary.   Okay there are your answers.  Now here is my comment: This bill isn’t a great healthcare reform bill.  It isn’t even a good healthcare reform bill, but it is what we can pass at the moment.  That sucks, but that is the way our country is run.  Yes it has flaws, but you can’t fix something until you create something.  Don’t believe me, just ask GOD!