The rumor didn’t start here but on another blog, NorthGeorgiaDemocrats.

I’m the only Democratic Candidate. Nathan Deal’s chief of staff has convinced me to run by raising $4,000 to kick-start my fund-raising. Congressman Deal will soon come out with a stinging endorsement of my character and qualifications. I am working closely with secret Republican operatives to use Deal’s congressional email account to bolster my name recognition in the district. I’ve been using back door sources to get a lucrative contract with the State of Georgia. But I’ve been unable to find K.C. Cagle in a dark alley to finalize the deal.

Carl Rogers called me last night to welcome me into the Brotherhood of Scum. He’s working with James Mills. Mr. Mills doubts my sincerity. To appease James, I will be hanging out at Wal-Mart late at night stalking women. The former GOP Chair in Hall County, Mr. Big Pair, is starting a blog for me. With his coaching, I will not be blogging until after the election next year.

I can see myself soon going hunting with Dick Cheney. Dick already has called Nathan. Nathan says I should take up drinking while shooting. Or was that shooters for drinking? Alway I’ve heard that bird shot from a sissy 28 gauge gun doesn’t hurt much if you’re drunk when shot.

I look forward to defending my use of the internet to research birth marks on underage FEMALE porn stars throughout the 13 counties of the 9th District.

Instead of contributions to my political funeral, please send your cash to my Swiss Banking account. Governor Perdue’s accountant set it up for me.