Voters might be that bored.

413 votes in one ward and 139 in the other ward with a contested outcome. That would be about 1 percent of the total population in Gainesville. The system has over 5,200 students.

More people turn out for an Elephants football game. Imagine the entire football season being decided by the voting at the first game. Or any game being decided by a vote by the home team crowd.

This blogger didn’t have a stake in the races. Our blog did interview Kellie Weeks. The interview was published with an offer to interview all the other candidates. No one was willing. Perhaps that was a trust issue. Weeks wasn’t a personal friend or a political friend. We knew Weeks as an independent and often exchanged barbs on the blogs.

But candidates like Weeks aren’t the story this morning. We talking about voting.

Too few voters seized power last night, if only the power to give a hoot.

Those who dream of being a candidate imagine a referendum by the community. The community never gives our candidates a referendum, just singular votes and a lame  tally.

The losers in this kind of turnout deserve no empathy and the winners no congratulations. Not voting can be a vote against the entire system, indifference, or some other pathological symbol.

Voting turnouts like last nights are not an affirmation of anything.