Top ten reasons Kasim Reed will be the next President of Atlanta.

10. Mary Norwood.
9. Mrs. Reed, a real hotty.
8. The city loses the memory cards from a dozen voting machines.
7. Kasim Reed’s Fantasy Football team is beating Norwoods.
6. Reed never attended a GOP convention that he liked.
5. The Democratic Party of Georgia’s State Committee Members unite to back Norwood. That ought to be reasons 5 – 1 all by itself. Judging by the Atlanta lefty blogs, the Committee members have never picked a winner in a state party election.
4. Did I mention Kasim Reeds wife is a hotty?
3. Norwood drops out of the race and throws her support to Newt. Just to be nice to Norwood, I capitalized newt.
2. Pro-Life supporters send out a mailer supporting Mary Norwood as the candidate most likely to understand women’s reproductive needs.
1. Just like President Barrack Obama, Kasim Reed engaged in the most important political decisions early in life. Following the lead of JFK, who was the first Democrat to use the TV as the most important media source in elections. Kasim Reed married a hottie.

Those are the top ten reason Reed will send Mary Norwood back to the GOP conventions, where she can’t get a date and just won’t like being a wall flower.

Did I mention Kasim Reed married a hottie?