The GOP continues to bash public schools and Georgia State Schools in their continuing efforts to destroy ‘American Socialism.’

Public funding of local school systems is socialist, if not outright communism. But, so are public law enforcement, fire protection, and paved roads. But public schools have more direct tax supports than the cops. So it’s easier to attack school taxes and school systems. If the issue is taxes and socialism. Today the AJC has a story on how a local school is providing expensive MacBook laptops to students.

The question isn’t why doesn’t your child have a laptop or a voucher to a private school that does provide the tools needed for a proper education?

Instead, it is a question of providing public funds for private schools like the Greater Atlanta Christian Schools (GAC). Maybe the GAC doesn’t get any public money like some private Charter Schools. But those poor parents of GAC students do need a huge break from tuition.

Starting in August, the Norcross private school will equip every student in grades 6 through 12 with a new MacBook. Price a new MacBook. They start around a grand each. So GAC spent a few million on very nice laptops. So tuition has to go up. After all, the Market Theory of Economics should be applied. If costs like taxes go up, the burden is transferred to consumers. The consumers at the GAC are rather rich parents.

What do the rich pay for private schools and laptops?

With the upgrade, tuition for elementary school students will jump from $12,150 to $13,100, a 7.8 percent increase. Older students will see a 13.8 percent increase, with their bills rising from $12,645 to $14,400.

Four years tuition for ‘older students’ will be $57,600 dollars. The elementary years will cost $117,900 in U.S. dollars. A discount can be had for paying in Euros.

How about $175,500 per child? Average family of five, that’s $526,500 U.S. dollars. Public education versus private education vouchers is a class war.

Try to imagine, Hall County school taxes if each student cost a half million dollars to educate. That’s about $17,550 per year in just school taxes. Or if you escrow your taxes, an increase in your monthly house payment of $1,462.5o cents.

Try cracking that nut on minimum wage jobs. Or the average annual income for Hall County. About $44,000.

Vote Republican and get your $3,000 voucher for your child’s private school eduction. Just $10,000 a year and your child can have a MacBook and a BMW like every other kid on the block.