Yes, Virginia, there is a Democratic Party in North Georgia. A small handful of them will be meeting today in Dahlonega. After all the hard work by former 9th District Chair, Bob Barton, a skeleton crew throughout the 9th District is redefining the Democratic Party. That isn’t enough.

The 9th hasn’t had a successful showing against Congressman Deal. Some Democrats just refused to support the hapless candidates sent into certain defeat. Oh, some offered a token level of support but those tokens would not have bought a Marta bus ride. That kind of token support dumps future candidates. When the current candidate fights the good fight alone or with just a couple college students, their poor showing discourages others from jumping into the next election cycle.

Now, in this cycle, we have an open seat. If the Party found a potential and viable candidate, starting the campaign today is starting it too late. The day after the last election was the day to start the new campaign.

Yes, Virginia, there are Dems in them there mountains. But they are waiting and waiting just like General Montgomery in the Second World War. Montgomery never attacked unless he had overwhelming odds. When he had the odds against him and ordered into battle, he often changed his orders. Or ignored the toughest portions.

In all fairness to the few Dems in the 9th, you’re not exactly Montgomery. But waiting until victory is certain does not honor your traditions. If the open seat for 9th District Representative goes unchallenged or only has a token candidate, blame yourselves for a lack of tact, empathy, and personal involvement.

As Americans, everything we have we got because somebody bled for us. Bleed some blue Big Dems. Bleed some blue.