At a college level discussion of Afghanistan, a well educated Senior advocated for ‘nuking’ Mecca. The nuke Mecca theme was picked up by several people at the little informal forum. A simple solution for the next terrorist attack. The US makes it known that if one more American dies at the hand of an Islamist extremist, Mecca bcomes a smooth piece of glass that glows in the desert night. Compliments of a nuclear blast. The perfect and painless solution to Islamic terrorism. And a sympton of our culture. We want a pain free solution to all of our problems.

Sometimes this is from a personal defect like Libertarism. Libertarians have deep seated psychological problems stemming from a ‘mirroring experience.’ The mirror theory holds that as children we see ourselves ‘in the mirror’ as part of our parents. Until we see our parents as seperate reflections, we remain children. Even babies.

The ‘parents’ in the baby’s mirror are perfect, flawless, and “‘We’ are them.” When we are phsyically seperated but still reflected in our personal mirror as perfect, we can never accept a life with any imperfections.

This defect in Libertarians creates this mantra. I’m perfect. Since I’m perfect, I should have perfect success in business and personal finance. Especially personal finance since I live in a capitalistic system where success is measured in wealth. Since I don’t have enough personal success as measure in wealth, something is wrong. I’m being held back. Unfairly. Since the only thing more powerful than me is the government, the government contains the defect that defeats me. Therefore, I must destroy the government by becoming the government.


That is just another example of the Bomb Mecca Now syndrome. Or any other over simplified solution to complex problems like healthcare costs rising faster than income, international hatred of the US as perceived, and earning a living.

Our culture, including the young and the Libertarian, want a painless solution to problems. Our internal problems are ignored since changing ourselves is much more painful than bombing Mecca or taking over the US government.

Like that Michael Jackson guy said, “I’m starting with the man in the mirror.”