Wow! That may be my longest post title yet.

So for those of you who don’t like inside baseball politics just ignore this one, but since many of you have goaded me about it being over a week since my last post ignore it out your own peril.

Steve Gooch will be the next District 9 Transportation Board Member and that is a bad thing.  Mr. Gooch is a nice guy.  He has some leadership experience, but he has no idea of what it will take to cut transportation deals for our area.  Mr. Gooch’s claims to fame are his time spent on the corrupt Lumpkin County Board of Commission (A Commission of One), and running against Amos Anderson for State Representative.  IMHO, one of the most defunct campaigns of all times. 

So why did he get elected.  One reason:  The sheer disgust for the Hall County delegation.  Supposedly, the Hall County delegation, made up of Carl Rogers, James Mills, Doug Collins, and Lee Hawkins, were strong supporters of Mr. Stacey Reese.  If you haven’t guessed it, I am also a fan of Mr. Reese even though he is a Republican.  This support alone should have gotten Mr. Reese 4 votes, but James Mills can’t be trusted.  Carl has been going all over the 9th district pimping Mr. Reese to every representative.  Along comes Mr. Gooch who was nominated by Amos Amerson, and that is about the sum of Mr. Gooches political support.  BTW, Gooch challenged Amerson last year saying that Mr. Amerson was too closely aligned with the Speaker of the House, Mr. Richardson.  These two can’t be that close.  Mr. Gooch wins because Mr. Reece too closely aligned himself with three of the most hated men in Georgia politics.  

With the exception of Carl Rogers, Collins and Mills have managed to alienate the entire General Assembly.  Collins did this by being an absolute novice in leadership skills, and Mills by lying about almost every issue other than abortion.  Interesting note about Rev. Collins is that he served a South Hall church, but yet represents a North Hall district.  If you wondering why, just go ask the people of Chicopee Baptist Church.  Mr. Mills of course has been kicked out of his megachurch, Blackshear Place Baptist, and has been relegated to the back pew at Hopewell Baptist Church. 

What does all of this mean?  Well, you can forget road improvements in our neck of the woods.  Don’t believe me?  Just listen to this ringing endorsement:

He’s got a large learning curve… He promised and he’ll have to deliver.”   Carl Rogers, House District 26.