She runs the state Democratic Party.

Andre thinks the Party Chair doesn’t have any right to decision making. And he’s not the only loser in the last intra party election with an agenda for internal power. The Party put out a flier (link) that clarified the Party relationship with candidate Norwood. The Party, aka Jane Kidd, says there isn’t a relationship. Keep in mind, Norwood isn’t running in a Democratic Primary. She isn’t running as a Democratic Candidate in an open, general election. But somewhere in the current mayoral race, Norwood has been claiming to be a Democrat?

Andre would love to have some power. So would the third homeless person in the soup line. Or anyone in any line. Any line.

When the Andre’ et al group does win legitimate control of the party Chair … can we expect anymore success than we have with them as members of the State Committee?

Save the Party from itself, aka the State Committee members who blog and spew hatred.