Some blogs never accept a comment from a reader. Readers on some blogs may comment only after registering with the specific blog.

Then there’s the censorship of certain blogs that accept comments from registered users. Maybe it’s just a matter of not having a policy. Maybe it’s just left to individual posters on a blog. But as it has been posted before, some blogs censor criticism of themselves or their partisan interests, usually the GOP.

Icarus brought forward a good defense of PeachPundit. The PP does close comments after a period of time. But … posts that put the GOP in bad light are closed much faster than posts that slam the Democrats.

Like this post at PP. The PP’s main poster, Eric, will close comments on how the DEMs are meddling in the mayors race in 60 days. So anti-Nathan Deal threads were closed in 10 days. The anti-DPG thread will be open for 60 days of right wing bashing.

So in fairness to Icarus, we didn’t mention the Gainesville Times. We don’t want to be accused of linking him to our “daily” blast at the Times.

We hope the PP now has a new policy that will be fair and balanced. If not, there’s nothing new.