Must be a very good reason for Representative Deal to conduct another negotiation behind closed doors. It worked so well when meeting privately with K.C. Cagle in the Governor’s Conference Room. The private conference got Deal a new deal on his private business contract with the state. So naturally Deal meets in private to discuss the water wars.Then our Great Man emerges and says, “That was a start!” So 30 years after the start of the water wars, we have a start again. Why?

We didn’t have a public meeting on the floor of  Congress. We didn’t have a public discussion in a Congressional Hearing. And we didn’t have a mediator with the power to enforce a settlement.

Nope. For all the public knows we just had a Texas Hold ‘Em tournament, some good slippin’ whiskey,and a few seegars burned.

Just call it like you see it, Congressman Nathan Make No Deal in Public.

Two decades of dispute about water rights. Three years for it to be settled by Congress through legislation. Three Governor’s who could settle the case out of court. And Nathan Deal is leading the way to a beginning.

What tangible proof did Deal offer the public of this beginning? A public statement that the mess needs to be settled by the Governor’s not Congress.

Thank you, Congressman Deal for your powerful influence in this critical matter. I only regret that my inferior knowledge prevents me from grasping your greater wisdom.

Details in the Gainesville Times.