With two months to go before the Georgia State Legislature convenes, some conservative bloggers are discussing the critical issues facing our state. These state issues, they reason, should dominate the next legislative sessions.

Sunday sales of alcohol. One of the top four as suggested by one of the most influential conservatives in our state.

Medicinal marijuana got a mention. What else was on the list?A power struggle for control of the DOT.

Giving more property tax dollars to private schools.

A public subsidy for emergency room medical care.

So here’s the plan. When the GOP has a Monday morning hangover and they have to drive their kids to subsidized private schools, they don’t want to hit any potholes. And, if they’re not quite sober and a telephone pole just happens to jumps in front of the car, they want a Life Flight chopper to carry their dying azz to a government subsidized trauma center.

And I thought our legislature never thought ahead.