When your school taxes went up this fall, it wasn’t just because Lt. Gov. K.C. Cagle and the GOP raised your county taxes. K.C. and his friends have been taking your school funds without Constitutional power.

K.C. Cagle once promised to never raise your taxes. Surprise! Another professional politician broke a promise. The GOP and K.C. called for a $762 million tax hike as soon as Perdue’s big butt started warming the Governor’s chair. This included an increase in the so-called “sin taxes” on tobacco and alcohol, fee increases, and a hike in statewide property taxes.

So paying more to enter a state park isn’t a higher tax. More taxes on cigarettes wasn’t a tax increase. Higher property taxes weren’t a tax increase. And, inflationary bracket creep literally stole money from the poor. That wasn’t a tax increase.

With all the tax increases under Perdue and Cagle, the budget still didn’t balance because spending for special schools increased. Some of those schools are private and so expensive the “average, working family” could never afford tuition.

Yet, K.C. Cagle reached into the pockets of the working class, took their money, and gave it to exclusive private schools. All under the ruse of ‘charter schools‘ are better than public schools.

Private schools shouldn’t be called charter schools for the purpose of making transfer payments to the wealthy. First, it’s being done in violation of the Georgia Constitution. The Constitution says that only locally elected board of education can control, manage and raise local funds only for the public school in their district.

Did your school board vote or even hold a hearing on funding private schools like Ivy Preparatory Academy? No.

Three Georgia counties are sueing the state over this transfer of money from Hall County parents (not only Hall County) to private charter schools.

Parents should be more active and politically savvy. Opponents to the charter school laws warned you.

Public schools and your children are being harmed by laws made by K.C. “Slick” Cagle et al.

Vote them out.