The 2009 Republican Party Census went out in the mail to “a select group … one representative in each voting district. “Those chosen few were selected for their views, values, and opinions, representative of “all Republicans voters living in the your voting district.” The few GOP select had seven days to complete and return their ‘census.’

Just like the Obama Survey, the Census isn’t a census. It’s another fundraising letter. “So along with your Census document … won’t you enclose a contribution of $500 …”

A census is an enumeration to determine population, often including the collection of related demographic information, not a political tool to raise money. But, the GOP wasn’t willing to ask serious census type question.

“Are you in favor of a space-based defense system to protect America from intercontinental ballistic missiles?”

“Do you support the election of Republican candidates across the country and the rebuilding of our majorities over the next 10 years?”

“Do you agree that our top military priority should be fighting terrorists?”

“Should we do everything that we can to stop the … fairness doctrine from shutting down conservative talk radio shows?”

Those aren’t census type questions.

The GOP has taken advertising to a new low. Their ads are lower than whale turds and those are at the bottom of the ocean. But this destruction of the English language also means that the GOP can’t raise money without lying.