Super Freakanomics says the world is getting cooler. The authors must mean more hip.

Since 1999 the world has been heating up.  The warming trend can be proven by using math and statistics. Math has always been a requirement of logic. If only logic were required in political debate. The global cooling debate starts with the hottest year on record, 1998. Using that year as the hottest on record then ever since then the world has been cooling. Isn’t that like looking at Game 5 of the ALCS and saying the Yankees are losing the championship series?If only banks would let depositors use that logic. That logic would mean that our checks would never bounce as long as we started our account with a zero balance. Starting with a zero balance means that our average balance is always going up! At least until the bank does over-draw the account.

How about using the same reasoning for the elderly to make them live forever? “Well,” the doctor says, “you’re older today than yesterday. Therefore, you’re going to live forever. ” Or, medically saying to a dead man, “You’re better today since your average body temperature is down from 104 degrees.”

Sadly, we all die. Our checking accounts go up and down. And global temperatures have been higher over the last ten years. Even if it’s snowing today at the North Pole.